"Haunted by Hate" Official Video 2019

"HAUNTED BY HATE" is the first single from the upcoming UNDEAD album "Existential Horror".

Video by Promio Films & Music.

"Existential Horror" Official Lyric Video 2019

"EXISTENTIAL HORROR" is the second single from the upcoming UNDEAD album "Existential Horror".

Lyric video by Scott Rudd Film

"Existential Horror" Album 2019

"EXISTENTIAL HORROR" is the upcoming UNDEAD full-lenght.
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I. Haunted by Hate
II. Masters of Mankind
III. Sin & Death
IV. Santa Muerte
V. City of Silence
VI. Existential Horror
VII. Curse of the Undead
VIII. Sarcophagus
IX. Beyond Divine Regulation

Total running: 33 min


Album credits:

Mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden).
All music and lyrics by UNDEAD.
Cover-art by Branca Studio.
Lay-out by V. Repulse.

Cd version by Godz ov War Productions (Poland).
Released date October 31st, 2019.

Vinyl version by Kadabra Music (Portugal).
Released date September 25th, 2020.


All photos by Javier Bragado. Click on each photo for high-resolution.

Designed by UNDEAD. Click on each logo for high-resolution.


In the year of the Serpent, 2013 of human era, with the experience of their previous lives and the hunger of the dead, the UNDEAD resurrected and rose from their graves in order to hunt, haunt and drink the blood of the living.

In 2015, they started spreading the disease with “BLOOD ENEMY” as their first attack, a weapon of mass destruction with the shape of a 7" vinyl limited to 333 copies. Two songs of Death Cult to bring to the known world and beyond sickness, nightmares and madness. In 2016, the blood of their enemies was once again vomited in conspiracy with Morbid Bastards Records (Indonesia), as a limited cassete tape edition.

They come back to haunt the mankind with a new abomination called "REDEMPTION". Four new tracks produced by UNDEAD and mastered at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden) and released in 2016 as a MCD. The limited cassete tape version appeared through Morbid Bastards Records (Indonesia) during 2017.

In 2019, they dive into the deepest horrors of the human mind and soul to manifest nine new tunes of "EXISTENTIAL HORROR". The cd version of their full-length album was released by mighty Godz ov War Productions (Poland).

During 2020, the "EXISTENTIAL HORROR" strikes again in analogic format as a limited vinyl edition via Kadabra Music (Portugal).

After the global pandemic of 2020, the dead will resurrect to manifest as a live act of horror and death on their first tour.

They won’t stop until the total world domination. Beware the unholy power of the UNDEAD... the hunting has begun!



I. Man Dies (In Thy Name)
II. Redepmtion
III. Volatile Existence
IV. The Veil


Produced by UNDEAD and mastered at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden)


I. Blood Enemy
II. Evil Spirits


Produced by UNDEAD


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